We have been approached by several organisations wanting to advertise their services on our web-site.


Whilst we can and will use revenue that we can generate from this site to assist us in our fight, the Committee has decide not to allow financial planning firms or other parties with vested interest to advertise here.


It should be obvious that whilst some approaches have been genuine, others are clearly predatory.  It is NOT in the best interests of SICAG or its members to allow such predation. 


Those of us who would like to obtain independent financial advice should contact the FPA for a suitable list of advisers. 


Be aware that we have received communications from some members who have been charged large sums of money for essentially useless advice or a simple explanation of their circumstances.


Before you commit to anything, ask about fees!


Remember, the Storm Fees model charged nothing for discussions until something was actually done.  Most of the financial planning industry charge fees for each appointment regardless of outcome!

Text Box: Sicag does not have any affiliation with Emmanuel & Julie Cassimatis and there is no influence being made on committee decisions by the Directors of Storm Financial  The legal remedies being explored by Solicitors could be against all involved including Storm Financial, Banks, Professional Indemnity Insurers, Auditors of Storm Financial, ASIC.

Whilst some members of Sicag may still have personal relationships with the Cassimatis’ and/or their agents and may wish to defend them publicly, SICAG takes a neutral position until such time as the due processes have been completed. SICAG has been set up to look after the interests of those who suffered losses in the wake of the dispute between Storm Financial and the CBA and Macquarie Bank as to which party was responsible for managing clients margin loans. It does not exist to promote the interests of Storm Financial or its founders ,Julie and Emmanuel Cassimatis.

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We have created a dedicated group discussion forum for us to discuss any and all topics that are common to our plight.

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Many of our SICAG membership have been hungry for more information and second opinions having voiced their dissatisfaction of the CBA resolution framework and the likely outcomes that can be expected.



SICAG membership are currently under pressure to make very serious life changing decisions in the very near future.



Whilst the SICAG Committee cannot and will not make the decision for you, you owe it to yourself to make a decision based on as much accurate, pertinent and relevant information as possible.



Also available here is a copy of Ross Goodridge’s letter to the SICAG committee regarding his landmark win over Macquarie Bank.


Recently ASIC has announced the launch of a dedicated web-site for the purposes of gather more information regarding individuals personal circumstances.  That web-tie can be located here.


ASIC have urged all those receiving offers to take their time and seek extensions of time if need be.  The SICAG Committee endorses this “take your time” approach.  There are yet many things to be revealed by ASIC and their investigation.  Rushing into a decision before ALL the information is available will surely result in misgivings and regrets in the future.


We (the Committee) are already aware of some members who have signed their off on their offers and now regret having done so.


We urge you to take your time ... Get all the information and advice you can so that you will not make a decision you will regret in the future.


We would also urge you to participate in the private Google Discussion Forum that has been set-up specifically for SICAG members.  There is much to be gained by either active or passive participation.  Those that do participate have gained so much from their involvement.